Local ingredients that convey the wonderful flavors of the seasons at Kitashinano.
Unadorned simplicity that spreads into your soul.

  • Kaiseki Japanese Cuisine

    Kaiseki Japanese Cuisine

    We use primarily local ingredients that allow you to experience the seasons of Kitashinano. We create carefully designed Kaiseki dishes that are not overly elaborate and which change in line with the seasons.
    As an aperitif, you will enjoy a glass of homemade fruit liquor brewed by the chef for a year.

    *If you have any particular requirements or any ingredients that you are unable to eat, please let us know when placing your reservation and we will do our best to accommodate your wishes.

  • Breakfast


    We use local ingredients unique to the Shinshu Province to prepare breakfasts that provide great energy to your whole body.
    Enjoy a fantastic day by starting with a gentle breakfast featuring fresh ingredients and graceful flavors!

  • The hot spring town

    The hot spring town is also dotted around with a number of bars and restaurants serving soba noodles, ramen noodles, sushi, pasta and pizza, and more, so you can experience an enjoyable time even if your stay includes no meals or only breakfast.